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MOS GENERATOR (Mos Generator - Deluxe Edition) LP & CD

On the one hand, I am glad that Tony Reed finally gets the attention he deserves. This is primarily due to Stone Axe and his work as a producer for the upcoming new Saint Vitus album 'Lillie: F-65'. But on the other hand I get the impression that his previous band MOS GENERATOR is still badly neglected. I do not know why, because MOS GENERATOR is not only an excellent live band, but also a powerful force in the studio. This conclusion is further reinforced by the band's debut album that has been reissued by Ripple Music as a special '10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition' at the end of 2011.

Already at the beginning, Tony Reed (guitar, vocals), Scooter Haslip (bass) and Shawn Johnson knew the goal of their sonic journey: the land of classic hard rock. Of course, the 1970's play a major role, but it was never their intention to revive the old times. Instead, MOS GENERATOR delivers a refreshing interpretation of the good old stuff. By doing this they have managed to put their own stamp on it, so that one hasn't the impression of hearing a band which mimics their favourite bands from the 1970's. One of the crucial reasons for that, is that MOS GENERATOR are really creative songwriters with a clear vision. Well as stated before, the first seven songs on this record (which is actually the debut album) serve as evidence of this. These tracks take their tempo wise, but they are still hard and heavy. Additionally, there's a lot of energy and Tony Reed's characteristic vocals increase the recognition value. His vigorous blues-drenched guitar playing is backed by a tight, pounding rhythm section and there's definitely no lack of variety.

That becomes even more clear when you listen to the full 'Live at the Manette' concert that has been originally self-released in limited quantities in 2004. It was a brilliant idea to include that show here, because, as already said MOS GENERATOR is a killer live band. I've seen the band in 2008 when they were on tour with Blood Of The Sun and that was simply mind-blowing. Furthermore, there's a previously unreleased cut called 'Hearts & Heads', that is unfortunately the weakest track here as well as a digital download card that features additional twelve tracks (demos, live songs and an extended rehearsal jam) not included on the CD or vinyl. All in all, the bonus material includes a total of 22 cuts, so that the entire package (LP plus CD plus download card) can only be described as a MOS GENERATOR fan's wet dream, no doubt about it. On a side note: I really like Stone Axe, but in my view MOS GENERATOR is more creative. Fortunately, Tony Reed is working on a new MOS GENERATOR album that will be out later this year. Meanwhile, I will play the hell out of this luxurious package.