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MOS GENERATOR (Jam Room Demos Vol. II) 7"

MOS GENERATOR follow up their '07 'Songs For Future Gods' album with an excellent 7" on Rxevolution Recordings in 2008. Both tracks are unreleased and could've been taken from their last album. 'Step Up' lifted me off my chair immediately. The song kicks off with a Sabbath-esque riff, before it turns into a catchy MOS GENERATOR song, with its powerful, yet relaxed groove. Once again the band is in best shape, so that 'Step Up' is definitely more than just a second-rate tune.

On the B-side the band pays tribute to riffmaster Tony Iommi, aptly named 'Godhand Iommi'. This is a clever combination of well-known riffs, but the band integrated them into their very own catchy arrangement, what makes it more entertaining than just a simple Black Sabbath cover. Needless to say, that the execution is really brilliant. This is all quality stuff and I hope, MOS GENERATOR will record their next full-length very soon!