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MOS GENERATOR (Destroy! The Mos Generator Volume 2001 - 2008) 2LP/CD

Washington's power trio MOS GENERATOR also belongs to those few bands who split up too soon. Believe it or not, they never recorded one worse song and if you ever had the chance to see this band on stage then you know their powerhouse live performance. Well, what makes MOS GENERATOR so special? Apart from the fact that this three guys are extraordinarily talented musicians, they successfully managed to efficiently transport the heavy rock of the 70's into this decade. By doing it, MOS GENERATOR never mutated into a retro rock band, but they were just one of the best classic rock band of our times. So I was a bit shocked when guitarist/vocalist Tony Reed announced the end of the band at the beginning of 2009. Maybe some of you readers already know that Tony Reed has formed Stone Axe a few years ago, but unfortunately I don't know what happend to bass player Scooter Haslip and drummer Shawn Johnson. However, here we have now an excellent compilation that provides an overview of the glorious past and relatively short existance of MOS GENERATOR. This album has been released by RxEvolution Recordings in 2008 and consists of album tracks, remixes, cover songs and rare live recordings.

Here you will find a previously unreleased live version of 'Sleeping Your Way To The Middle' where the band proves its class and musical skills. On stage, MOS GENERATOR know how to handle a good jamming and you will never be bored only for a second. Most bands can only dream of writing songs like 'On The Eve', 'Silver Olympus' or 'Lumbo Rock'. In addition to the incomparably high quality of their musicianship, a further strong point lies in the band's choice of riffs and arrangements. The timing, the songwriting skills, the blues-drenched vocals - everything fits in perfectly. MOS GENERATOR's influences range from Mountain to Necromandus to Black Sabbath, but they are no brainless imitators. You can feel the authenticity in their music what is rare to find these days. So what does all this euphoric ramblings mean to you? Quite simple: if you never before listen to this band than 'Destroy! The Mos Generator' is the perfect start for you. Contrary to the CD edition, the limited double vinyl edition of only 500 copies has more songs, including a powerful cover of Black Sabbath's 'Wicked World'. But, of course, it is the self-penned material that will kick your ass. Trust me.