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It's always very nice, when a split-release features two great bands with two cool tracks, and so my first praise goes out to Flotation Records for their good taste. My next good words are for both groups. I already wrote in another review that MOS GENERATOR can't write worse songs and 'Gus's Boogie' is a continuation of this tradition. Here it seems as if the three guys have exchanged their blood with the one from Leslie West, without imitating early Mountain. Heavy bluesy riffing, a powerful groove and the charismatic vocals from Tony Reed making this song to a really good tune. California's THE HITCH isn't so strongly inspired from the 70's, but the good old southern rock from that period of time left a nice trace in their song 'Tongue in Cheek'. This is heavy groovin' stuff, and the band is playing extremely tight and dynamic. Try to imagine later Clutch without their funky flavour. It's a very nice 7", limited to 500 copies and you won't regret to buy it as long as you like both bands.