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MONKEY3 (s/t) CD

This album has been originally released by the band as limited digi-pack and was only available via webstores and underground distribution. But in the beginning of 2004 this Swiss band signed with Buzzville Records and the first result is the re-issue of the self-titled debut album. Due to the quality of the album, it was a real good desicion! Well, for me it's my first meeting with this instrumental band, and I'm positively surprised from their atmospheric hypnotic prog-tinged spaced-out heaviness. They've taken the monolithic riffs from very early Black Sabbath and mixed it up with the oriental grooves of Led Zeppelin and the bombastic psychedelic patterns of mid-70's Pink Floyd. But MONKEY3 play it more in modern updated way instead of coming up with a complete retro sound and they succeeded in carving out a musical identity distinct from their weighty musical influences.

Some mellow groovy moments and delicate melodies intersect with heavy riff-building and cosmic hypnotic force. The addition of keyboards adds a richness to the sound and the album segued smoothly from the raucous heaviness of "Bimbo" to the stoned melacholy of "Narcotic Jam" and on to the darker "Electric Mistress". All songs aren't lacking in cohesion and focus, and rising above a monotonous plod. One of the included nine songs is entitled "35007" and here's a certain similarity with the later songs of the Dutch group. At the end of the album MONKEY3 even cover the Melvins song "Lividity" , who fits more than perfect into their own material. I think, all space-rockers and psych-heads should give this heavy album a chance, because it offers something for everyone. The album has some real peaks and valleys, if you know what I mean (and a powerful production, too!) .