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MONKEY 3 / HYPNOS 69 Split-10"

The Belgium label Rock 'n' Roll Radio comes up with a serie of 10" releases, and this is the second one, that features two really outstanding bands. The first side starts with MONKEY 3, a band which received a lot of good reviews for the self-titled debut on Buzzville Records. I like 'em, too, because their instrumental heavy space psych-rock is sounding refreshing and has not much in common with the typical "stonerrock" shit. Once again, they prove their orginality here with a cover-version of the Morricone classic 'Once upon a time in the West'. What maybe sounds strange first, turns out into a great tune, and MONKEY 3 have no problems in giving it a complete new shape. Of course, they haven't forgot to integrate the typical harp-theme, but they wrapped it up in the typical MONKEY 3 sound. Although this is a very entertaining interpration of this well-known song, my personal faves are HYPNOS 69, which are featured with two unreleased songs here on the flipside. At first, it seems, that this would be their swan-song, but meanwhile this Belgium band is back on the map, and that's very good. Both tunes, 'Vendetta' and 'Hide from the Sun' are belonging to the best songs, I've ever heard from this group, and they are worth alone to buy this 10". Absolutely fantastic! And once again, I ask myself, why some people and magazines describe their music with the term "stonerrock", because they play Heavy Rock in best 70's tradition. Well, anyway, if you want to enrich your collection with a tasteful 10", I give you the advice to order this one!