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MOKSHA (Supersilver Haze) CD

Don't be mislead by the band's name, the album title, or the colourful artwork; the Spanish band MOKSHA has more in common with a gang like Thee Plague Of Gentlemen, than with Blue Cheer or other 60's/70's bands, although they included a steaming cover of Janis Joplin's "Move Over" here. With the subtile heavyness of a sledgehammer "Supersilver Haze" comes over the listener, and leaves an impression that will stay for more than one day. That's how I felt about this disc, and what makes this band more interesting is the fact, that they write good and powerful songs, based on massive power-chords. I guess, this four smart lookin 'guys have listen a lot to bands like Celtic Frost or Entombed, without making the mistake to immitate them in the rehearsel room, and for me it's absolutley ok that vocalist Guillem Funollet sounds like a cross of Tom G. Warrior and L.G. Petrov.

Here are also some bluesy undertones as well as a bit of sludge in combination with a warm and thick guitar /bass tone, but in spite of all sludgy influences MOKSHA have no interest in torturing the listener with destructive heaviness. Therefore the group is more rock-oriented and focused on catchy songs, and among the nine tracks are more than simply one of this kind, like "Neurons", "Down the Sun" or "Temps Dolents", just to name a few. At least, a fat production helps to give this sound the right shape, and the result is one of the big underground highlights of 2005.  Needless to mention, that this group is aware of their talent , and so it's no real surprise, that "Supersilver Haze" is their fourth album for Underhill Records. Well, I guess I have to investigate the previous ones, because this left a big impression on me, and shows that Spain has more excellent heavy bands to offer than only Moho or Bukkake.