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MOGUL (Build Me A Hunchback) CD

It's really not bad what the Belgium band MOGUL delivers on their debut album, which has been released by Buzzville Records in 2008. Bands like Unida leave their mark in MOGUL's version of heavy rock 'n' roll, but they don't try to mimic anyone. I grant a bonus for that, but also for the band's capability to write real catchy tunes, what is always essential in the world of rock 'n' roll. The vehement opener 'Sick & Tired' manifests their potential and raises the bar for the following ten tracks including an outro. Sad to say that some of the songs thereafter lose the first fire, but it's patently obvious that MOGUL know how to construct a song. They never try to repeat the same patterns over and over again, and incorporate a lot of variety into the songs. Here you will find some elements from the 70's, a dash of heavy metal, and a lot groove and passion. 'Side Kick' is another outstanding song with an irresistible hookline and a lot of cool riffing. The vocals of Sam Dufoor won't give me the goosebumps but does well to compliment the music. Maybe MOGUL will need two more records to unfold their complete potential, but 'Build Me A Hunchback' is a noticeable start from a young band. Thumbs up!