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MISSISSIPPI SLUDGE (Biscuits & Slavery) CD

What for a pretty nice opener, guys! The album kicks off with the title track , a heavy and groovy track in the vein of Cream or Led Zep mixed up with a slight Southern Rock vibe. With the next song "Dirty Boy" the band continues this way and so the band rocks through nine songs, that are well aranged and fronted by a good and powerful singer. But now comes my personal problem. All this ideas and influences, that you can find in this songs I´ve listen to 1000000000000000 times. It's like one of those movies, where you are knowing after ten minutes what will happen in the last seventy minutes. Although I like the old 70's stuff, I'm not very impressed of those bands who were playing nowadays note by note the same old stuff.

Bands like Firebird, Burning Tree or Lotus are doing the same. So, why not directly listen to the originals instead of the next copy? The next point I like to write about is the production. I think it's too clean, no dirt or dust comes out of the speakers, although these guys use slide-guitars, mouth harps and everything that stands for dusty roads. To sum it up, this album is recommandable for fans who can't get enough of retro Rock bands like The Black Crows and so. But all others shouldn't invest their money in "Biscuits & Slavery" and better search for more original stuff, though this CD contains three or four good tunes. Maybe I could become a fan of MISSISSIPPI SLUDGE when I´m eighty years old. Then this album maybe rocks my old ass, but now I better listen to my Led Zep records. This CD was released on Record Heaven, so you can visit their website for your order or whatever.