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MISS LAVA (Blues For The Dangerous Miles) CD

Never heard of this band and I am very surprised considering they are from Portugal. This is their first album, released through Raging Planet Records at the end of 2009. MISS LAVA mix heavy rock with anthemic pop melodies without losing their powerful heaviness. Not the most inventive sound, but damn solid. This is also one of those bands that are able to come up with the simplest of riffs that still make you clench your fists. Maybe it's up to the production that is really fat and punchy.

On the whole, 'Blues For The Dangerous Miles' is definitely a good album that works best on a hot summer day or in a car radio of a '69 Corvette. It is logical that here are a few filler among the eleven tracks and sometimes it's not easy to distinguish between the songs, because they can sound quite similar. But due to this, one should not forget that MISS LAVA is a young band. Everything can be developed. The roots of their heavy sound can be found in the 1970's, but for MISS LAVA it's just one of many sources.

They did not forget the 1980's and 1990's and seem to be able to take the style somewhere and add their own brand to it as long as everything revolves around rock 'n' roll. One of the best parts is the cover art that reveals its beauty when you pull out the case of the slipcase. And 'no' - it's not from Malleus. If interested, take a chance because it's not a bad record and definitely fits somewhere in your collection. Do yourself a favor and check theses cats out.