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The band had recorded several Demo-tapes in the last ten years and the "Veil Of Lead" EP in 1997.In the same year they entered the Sub Zero studios to record "Mirrorsoil". The first release date should be in spring 1998 but they got a few problems and hopefully MIRROR OF DECEPTION will release it in 2000. "Mirrorsoil" contains eight songs, some are older like "Veil of Lead". They are in the same vein as SOLSTICE, COUNT RAVEN or CANDLEMASS. Very majestic Epic-Doom Metal and I think that MIRROR OF DECEPTION are getting better from year to year. They have nice ideas to keep the songs interesting like for example "Weiss" with German lyrics or the opener "Asylum",one of the best tracks on "Mirrorsoil". It´s very heavy with a nice melody line and good guitarwork .One of the trademarks of "Mirrorsoil" are the vocals of Baumi. They sound sad and tragic and sometimes too dramatically, I think. But decide for yourself! The band appears also on the "I Am Vengeance" soundtrack on METEORCITY, together with PENTAGRAM,LAS CRUCES, GRIEF, CHURCH OF MISERY etc. Check out MIRROR OF DECEPTION, if you like the bands I´ve mentioned before. This album has been released by The Miskatonic Foundation.