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MIRROR OF DECEPTION / TEFRA (Katharsis / Natural Healers Of Sin) Split-7" EP

Metal Coven Records is one of the best underground metal labels here in Germany, who are specialized on strictly limited vinyl editions. In the past they've released a lot of good stuff from bands like Heathen Hoof, Ritual Steel, Minotauri, Atlantean Kodex f.e.which are already sold out. This 7" EP features one unreleased song from MIRROR OF DECEPTION, one of the best German Doom Metal bands and two tracks from TEFRA, which have split up in 2006. 'Katharsis' is an older song from 2003 and it's the first one that was written by the third line-up in the history of MIRROR OF DECEPTION. If you dig the last album 'Shards', than you will also love this track. It would've been a shame, when it had never seen the light of day, because it's simply an excellent song. 'Katharsis' is more straightforward in comparison to other material from the band and a must-have for every Doomster. Maybe some of you will remember the UK-based band TEFRA from their '7/10th to Madness' MCD, which has been released in 2002. It's really sad that they split-up, because for my taste they were a very promising Doom band with a lot of potential. 'Natural Healer Of Sin' is a previously unreleased song with heavy crunchy riffs and vocals that remind me to Christian Linderson (ex-Count Raven, ex-Saint Vitus, ex-Terra Firma, Lord Vicar). Maybe some will complain about his Greek accent, but I like it because it is giving the entire sound an interesting vibe. The second song 'Relic Of Time' is also to find on the 'Last Dance' album, but this here is the original version. I never had the chance to listen to TEFRA's debut full-length, so I can't compare both versions. This one is also a great tune and guitarist Darren Parkinson is very talented in playing skull-crushing riffs. Overall, this is a highly recommendable EP and even if you don't know both bands it should find a place in your collection! Please notice, that this edition is limited to 515 copies!