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MINOTAURI (Devil Woman) MC

MINOTAURI was formed in 1995 by guitarist/vocalist Ari Honkonen, who also is playing in MORNINGSTAR. The band recorded several rehearsel tapes and livedemos and this is their latest release. They play a mixture between early 80-Metal and Doom (especially PENTAGRAM ) and MINOTAURI are offering enough potential for the future. Only the whole production is a little bit weak but I hope this will change with their next output ( and they´ve done so with their first single !). One thing I really know to appreciate is that MINOTAURI don´t try to follow any "stoner" hype. The song "My Way" will also appear in a re-recorded stronger version on the upcoming Doom Metal compilation " At the Mountains of Madness II " on MISKATONIC FOUNDATIONS.Check out the Northern Doom underground and send a blank tape or $6 / 20 Fin to: ARI HONKONEN, Aniolantie 19 a 5, 41800 Korpilahti, FINLAND or contact him at: powerviking(at)hotmail.com