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MINOTAUR (God May Show You Mercy...We Will Not) CD

Hailing from Germany, MINOTAUR belonged to one of the first thrash metal bands in the early '80's, but compared with bands like Kreator, Assassin or Living Death they never made a big breakthrough. It's a mystery for me, because their debut album 'Power of Darkness' is a real classic, featuring well-conceived compositions and more than a couple of ripping riffs. That is more than 20 years ago and MINOTAUR is back with a brand-new album in 2009 released by I Hate Records, one of best metal label in current times. 'God May Show...' is rapid fire old school goodness in the vein of '80 thrash metal. The high-pitched vocal assault of guitarist Andreas Richwien is still MINOTAUR's trademark, while the band is still capable of creating a furious, aggressive thrash metal whirlwind without compromise. There's a keen sense for variety with integrated mid-tempo sections and forceful grooves. The interplay is really great between the musicians and finally a vigorous production emphasizes all the strengths of MINOTAUR. Here's also a version of W.A.S.P.'s anthem 'Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)' which is a nice closing for a very entertaining album. Listening to 'God May Show...' is good fun and it's noteworthy that almost forgotten veterans return with such a strong album.