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A young German band, who's been fascinated by the power of volume and tone, without licking the ass of the totally overrated Sunn o))).  I'm very thankful for that, because it's still a mystery to me, why half of the world can't get enough of that dull monk shit. But before my rage destroys this review, I stop mocking and better start to concentrate on MILLS OF GOD. This demo contains only one long instrumental song (19:59 min.), titled 'The Seed', and apart of  a massive guitarsound, they are very very different to the above mentioned hype, not only because of  having a drummer and bassist in the line-up.

'The Seed' is a dark, slow and depressive monster of a song, which is heavy and contains a few loud/quiet dynamics, but MILLS OF GOD don't fit easily into any formula. This isn't doom, neither it's post-rock or heavy sludge, and it's no "stoner rock". If this wouldn't be a review, I wouldn't care about an accurate description, but I'll try to pull something outta my brain, because that's my job. Maybe I should call it doom-drenched post-rock! Well, anyway, I like the band's musical concept, and although 'The Seed' could be more varied in itself, it's a promising start into unknown emotional underworlds. Let's see, what the future brings.......