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The Italian doom metal scene is famous for being excentric and Paul Chain is the best example for it. Now here comes MIDRYASI, an Italian trio, which follows this rule of following "no-rules".  While the opener 'Hypnopriest' sounds as if  Bobby Liebling joined  the band to perform some heavy doom-laden rock the next song seems to fall out of  this formula, although here's still a big Pentagram-injection flowing in the veins of MIDRYASI. But after this it's very difficult for me as a writer to give you a proper describtion of the album. The first surprise is 'Profound', an acoustic piece of  Spanish-sounding flamenco guitars. After this cut, the band becomes more progressive and psychedelic, without losing the doom-influenced rock foundation.

Especially the Liebling-like vocals of bassist Convulsion reminds me to Pentagram (what else!), but after the seventh song it's the only doomy element here. Three songs have been taken from the so-called cave improvisation, and this is surely a link to the manner how this songs have been created. I won't deny, that this is a very interesting album, but the second half of the album is too overloaded with ideas for my taste and the last song 'Cornocembalus' bores me to death with a boring endless guitar-solo. I don't know, if MIDRYASI have taken a lot of mind-altering substances during the recording sessions, but that's what it sounds like. We all know, that this can be a lot of fun for the musicians, but pure torture for the listener, because he/she isn't on drugs (or not on the same as the band...). MIDRYASI's debut is a very twisted disc for me; I like their ambition in creating something unique, and sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn't work for me.