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This split CD has been released by Cold Spring Records in April 2008, when MERZBOW, SUTCLIFFE JÜGEND and SATORI played at ULU, London. This was definitely an exceptional occasion, because each act belongs to the pinnacle of the Noise/Industrial scene. The first track comes from MERZBOW, one of the unbeaten leaders and pioneers of the Japanese noise scene. Masama Akita, which is his real name, started MERZBOW in 1979 and until now he released more stuff than other people have hairs on their heads. His contribution is entitled 'Feedyellow Mix.1' with a total running time of more than 14 minutes. In opposite to other recordings, this isn't as brutal as I expected, but still far away from being relaxed or smooth. A bubbling wall of feedback is surrounded by swirling, distorted frequences that simultaneously change their volume. All this is mostly very vicious, yet fascinating and hypnotic. SUTCLIFFE JÜGEND ifeatured with 'Pigmother' that automatically reminds me to their excellent new album 'Pigdaddy'.

Well, it looks as if they prefer some sort of gender equality... 'Pigmother' is provocative, filthy and psychotic. Power Electronics at its best. Maybe this causes nightmares. I hope so. The last band here is SATORI. Hailing from the UK, featuring Cold Spring chief Justin Mitchell, their song 'Paralysis (Hypnopompic Mix)' is a fine example of Fortean Electronics. Originally released in a different version on the vinyl version of 'Kanashibari' from 2007, this is an excellent remix. Dark as hell, the song is based on a heavy, rhythmic pulse that sounds as if it comes from a giant machine. Mysterious sounds fizzle around that giant beat and make sure that it will inspire your imagination. All three songs are exclusive studio tracks, but this split is also a good start for people who never heard music like this before. So they can discover three different styles, presented by some of the best groups in each genre. This CD is limited to 1000 copies only and comes in a full colour card slip and is shrinkwrapped.