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This is just the sort of modern sound that bores me to death. Believe me, I listened to it many times, forcing myself to give it a chance even though I had to constantly fight the urge to turn it off, but it never did grow on me. Hailing from Portugal, MEN EATER mix everything up into a shapeless, greyish mass without any recognition value. Of course, these guys have talent and they could play their instruments, but what use is this, when the music makes no impression upon me. Moreover, it seems to me that they try to add as many influences as possible, ranging from indie and sludge to progressive metal and heavy rock. As a consequence, the songs are meandering all over the place and never really arrive anywhere.

There are only a very few nice ideas on 'Gold' as for example the saxophone in the eighth track, but unfortunately most of the riffs are boring and every time they pick up steam, they throw in some random parts that sounds out of place while they're plodding along rather monotonously. There is nothing remotely redeeming about this music. It's repetetive in an unpleasant manner, lacking anything like emotion even though they try to be so emotional. Additionally, I can't stand bands that try desperately to be "deep", and that is the case here. Perhaps MEN EATER can impress young ladies with their emotional "depth", but not an old bag like me. To me, it just sounds like a band trying to hard. And all the people who consider 'Gold' to be "mindblowing" and "innovative" are only kidding themselves. All in all, 'Gold' is below average, and to me personally, incredibly uninteresting.