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MEAN MOTHER (Rock-N-Roll Shakedown) CD

Hailing from Detroit, MEAN MOTHER make it easy for the listener because the title of their first album contains an appropriate reference to the musical content. It's time for some good old rock 'n' roll. Having said that, MEAN MOTHER do not offer the traditional 1950's version, but more of an updated version that is powered by heavy riffs and hardrock influences. This way it would be clear that there will be no essays about the complexity of the songs, the in depth meaning of the lyrics...but 'Rock-N-Roll Shakedown' can give you a good time as long as you have a preference for this kind of music. MEAN MOTHER is not a complete throwback to an old school era of hard rock music. Similar to some classic rock bands, they haven enriched their tracks with a modern edge, whereby I do not mean this negatively. These four guys have managed to infuse their own energy and flavor to make this sound new and fresh.

In doing this, MEAN MOTHER are definitely not the most original band but that is not a problem, because there are plenty of good hooks - and this is the most important part of rock 'n' roll, isn't it? There is for example 'Kill For The Thrill' that catches my attention with some menacing metal riffs which are embedded in a forceful mid-tempo groove. The twin-guitar attack of Roxy Vega and Cobra O'Kelly is perfectly brought into play and supported by a tight rhythm section, consisting of Clint Debone and Bronco Johnson. However it's not all gold, which shines. Sometimes the clear vocals could be more efficiently and powerful. That would better suit the hard ass-kickin riffs.

Furthermore there are a few songs that seem more like filler material as, for example, 'Paint The Town Red' or 'Easy Livin' (this is not a cover version of the Uriah Heep track). But we should not forget that MEAN MOTHER is a young band and I am sure that they are able to implement improvements in the future. Taking this into consideration, then I have to say that 'Rock-N-Roll Shakedown' is a pretty good start, also because the band has managed to bring some color to the album. Not each song follows the same pattern and the number of influences is not limited only to AC/DC or Motörhead. Summing up it's a good album with catchy tunes which goes into your head instantly and keeps on doing so even after various replays. MEAN MOTHER is without doubt a very ambitious band.