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'Land' is definitely the most abstract album that Cosmic Lava received in 2009 and there is no doubt that it's only made for a very few people. Even after listening to the album pretty often, it's very dificult to find access to it, because it seems to come from another world. 'Land' functions like a collage. Sometimes you discover similar tones or some sort of structure, but mostly all seven tracks consist of different frequencies and are rowed together like a string of pearls. The resulting effect cannot be seen as relaxing or calming, and is not for the faint-hearted. A good example for this is the track 'Land VI' that somehow sounds as if someone would clean up the basement. I can hear some metal buckets, but a lot more of unidentified noise. From this I infer that Masayuki Imanishi does not only use keyboards, but also some natural sounds. Add to that some bizarre voice scraps (burps etc.) and you end up with a chaotic experimental album. The only thing, which disturbes me, is the use of a couple of sounds which are apparently being taken from a vintage video game, but I'm not sure. 'Land' is like a living object that constantly is changing its shape, and you need time, energy, patience and a real interest to like it. If not, than you'll probably hate it. It's also not wrong to have a fondness for Japanese experimental music. Please notice, that this album has been also released in a limited wooden box including six more tracks. Once again, Deserted Factory has managed to give a shit about the mainstream.