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There have been times, when I really loved the genre Sludge, and I'm still a fan of the first wave of Sludge bands. Nowadays it seems, that everyone who smokes too much weed or drinks too much alcohol, must start a Sludge band. You don't need to have any songwriting talent, because you play in a sick band, and so you only need to torture the listener with a bunch of heavy riffs. But, of course, you must have a fat sound, because when nobody remembers your songs, they have to remember, that you use a Sunn or Green amp. Although you think, that you're sick, you're a gear snob. To those bands I simply say: Fuck off. In two years nobody will remember your annoying shit! I'm really glad to report, that MARY BELL have not much in common with people like that. OK, they have a fat and monolithic doom-drenched sound, but this Dutch band can write real cool songs, that are still sounding sick, bleak and angry. The production is very good and all four songs gave you a nice ride into the abyss of the human soul. The small Spanish label Trabuc Records was really impressed from this band, and so they released the debut from MARY BELL. As long as new Sludge bands are so talented like this guys, I won't lose the rest of interest in heavy Sludge. Thumbs up for MARY BELL!