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MARSHAN (Kings Thursday On The Friday Street) CD

Here we have the debut (mini) album from the Glasgow based heavy rockers MARSHAN on CASKET MUSIC. The band presents six compositions in 32: 21 and the main influences are ORANGE GOBLIN, ACRIMONY and SHALLOW and, of course the early 70's. Ecspecially the first track "Purple Demon Blues", could be from one of the last two records of the Goblins (not only because of the songtitle). What I really miss on this debut is an own identity. Only the the third melancholic track "Deep & Meaningless" with its VELVET UNDERGROUND touch is standing out and the short instrumental "Summer Hill Song".

But the other songs are for people that can't get enough of typical "stonerrock". On the other side you can hear, that they play with a lot of fun and maybe that's the intention for their music. They aren't dark or psychotic, more full of sweet melodies and a very positive vibe.All that shines through this CD. I don't know...maybe I'm too old for this band. But in the end you should decide for yourself. For more informations visit the MARSHAN homepage or write to the label at: CoproPress(at)aol.com