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MANGROVE (Endless Skies) CD

That is really pretty respectable what Swedish power trio MANGROVE delivers us here. 'Endless Skies' is their debut in 2009 for Transubstans Records, exclusively distributed by Black Widow Records, and it is dominated by the heavy rock of the 1970's. The whole thing is pepped up with a touch of early Soundgarden so that people who aren't nostalgic also will enjoy. Most of the songs are really catchy and powerful, that will carry the listener into the emotional song arrangements. I am not surprised by the qualities of MANGROVE, because two thirds of the line-up were part of Sideburn if someone still knows this band. MANGROVE tries to bring in some variety, and succeeded in doing so. The energetic groove is omnipresent, while there are a few excursions into psychedelic wonderland.

'River Of My Soul' is refined with additional acoustic guitars, rounded off with an anthemic refrain, whereas 'Quivering Ground' can be seen as an homage to early Led Zeppelin. As a side-effect it also proves that MANGROVE is also able to write solid instrumental tracks. But that's not really necessary, because bassplayer Jani Kataja has an excellent, expressive voice. This is also shown in the song 'Electric Eye', one of my favourites on this album. The production of 'Endless Skies' is of course very punchy and earthy, exactly to my taste. Even if this album is far from being spectacular, it offers almost 40 minutes of entertaining, soulful, blues-driven heavy rock and I can happily live with that.