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MALASANGRE (A Bad Trip To...) CD

It's time for the Italian version of Electric Wizard with the first self-released album.The opening track "Bad Acid" sounds totally like a Wizard track, minus their overwhelming intensive power. The second song "The Last Day" continues the Wizard-worshipping, but this time with different sounding vocals. MALASANGRE are trying to creating a mystical and sinister atmosphere, with a psychotic touch and a sense of humour in it. One of the few surprises is the total down-tuned and sick version of "Venus In Furs". The following "Transvirus" is a short lysergic instrumental track, and after this the band goes on with their personal interpretation of heavy sick Doom with a bit of Psychedelic in it. In "Dream Machine...Evil Machine", a theramine adds a creepy vibe to the song like in old horror movies. "Sangre" is meditative number with a repetative vocal-line, and with the 10 minutes + "The Holy Cure" the album closes. This album isn't that bad trip, but for my taste MALASANGRE needs a more orginal sound for the future, and a thicker production for the next album. If you like to check out the Italian Doom underground than vist the MALASANGNE website and place your order. The album has been released by Red Sun Records.