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I didn't expect such an excellent album from Swedish riff-rock masters MAGNIFIED EYE, because their previous efforts are more or less typical heavy fuzzrock, strongly influenced by Kyuss (what else!). That doesn't mean, that they have lost all their obvious influences on 'Transition', but the new album comes up with some kind of 70's concept, which starts with the artwork and ends with the interludes between the songs.

The effect on the listener is nice, because it's like a journey which starts with the powerful opener 'Fiend' and closes with the energetic 'Songs of Sweet Disease'. The album contains a very good blend between heavy fuzz n' roll and more emotional themes, what gives the album a  more matured vibe and shows, that riff-rock doesn't always mean to come up with the same boring patterns. But don't worry - mostly MAGNIFIED EYE's sound is loud, it's heavy and it grooves like hell.