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MACROCOSMICA (Art Of The Black Earth) CD

Finally, the debut album of UK-based MACROCOSMICA. They've kept their own style, which is still not easy to pigeonhole, but somehow, they're sounding typical British, not only because of the accent. One of the trademarks are the male/female vocals, and especially the female parts are adding an interesting and intense atmosphere to the entire sound. It's a successful idea, to embellish the album with mellow instrumental psychedelic soundscape,mostly at the end of each song which are the total opposite to the heavier songs. But conflicting dynamics are playing an important role in MACROCOSMICA's intensive sound. A good example is the beautiful "Bunuel", which is railing back and forth between quiet moments and heavy threatening parts.

In other moments there's a stronger QotSA influence ("Triskaidekaphobia") f.e., and Mogwai or Teenage Fanclub aren't thar far away, and that's no surprise, because some members played before in this bands. "Art Of Black Earth" is a very entertaining and exciting album, and it's remarkable how MACROCOSMICA are creating their very own wall-of-sound. The good production sounds very natural and powerful, and gives the music enough space to reach the listener. If you're need a varied alternative, give this band a try, it's well worth. This album has been released in 2003 on Trepanner HeadMusic and for band contact, vist the MACROCOSMICA homepage.