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LOST GOAT (The Dirty Ones) CD/LP

I really don't remember the forerunner "Equator" and I've never paid much attention to it. For me, it was only one of this average heavy rock releases of the last years. With LOST GOAT's new album, they have changed things a bit. The new album includes eight originals and two cover-versions, and what I like about their material is that this three-piece got the ability to create a dark and melancholic vibe, that's still very sensitive and blues-influenced. They know to surprise with heavy riffs, when you don't expect them and Erica Stolz sings about all the longing and doubts a human life can be pushed through. The lyrics are really good and they remind me to some songwriter-stuff.

Musically, there are a few 70's Heavy Rock elements in the songs, but they have integrated more, as in the beautiful and sad instrumental "The Drifter" where a violin and cello is giving the track something special. And whenever I listen to this album, I have Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds on my mind. Not soundwise, but it's this the same dark atmosphere in a few of this songs. Gladly, LOST GOAT have nothing in common with the usual "stoner" music and although "The Dirty Ones" isn't outstanding it knows to entertain with its diversity and melancholy. Interesting band with a great potential, that sure! You can order it directly from Tee Pee Records and visit the LOST GOAT homepage for more infos.