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Maybe some of you will remember that LOST BREED did belong to the bands, who have released two albums on Hellhound Records in 1993 and 1994. In opposite to groups like Count Raven, Saint Vitus or Revelation LOST BREED were more a classic Hardrock band, though they have had some doomy undertones in their sound. Especially their debut 'The Evil In You And Me' seems to be influenced by the early period of The Obsessed and some of the featured songs sound as if they have been written by Scott 'Wino' Weinrich. Suddenly in the late 90's a miserable LOST BREED bootleg appeared out of the underground and it was entitled 'Wino Daze'. This have been demo recordings with Wino on vocals. I never bought this shit,because it was illegal, but I got the info, that in the late 80's the band was looking for a new frontman and after several meetings it was concluded that Wino would join forces at least temporarily. How sad, that this wasn't an official release! Now it's 2007 and finally this shitty bootleg is available as a legal Cd, although I'm not sure if it contains the complete recordings of the bootleg, because despite the title 'Wino Daze' this Cd only include five songs with Scott 'Wino' Weinrich.

But this songs are definitely top notch material, and as so often his vocals are adding something very special to the sound of LOST BREED, no matter if it's the wonderful semi-ballad 'Lost Breed' or the up-tempo rocker 'Coffin Cheater'. Well, to be honest I dig this five songs more than all the stuff he had recorded with The Hidden Hand, and it would be great if LOST BREED would re-unite with Wino on vocals. The rest of the here included seventeen songs is culled from two privately released full length Cd's and an Ep, which have been recorded under the name VENGEANCE BROTHERS, because LOST BREED calls it day in 1995. Here's no real difference to the sound of LOST BREED, tough it's much better than the songs one can hear on LOST BREED'S last album 'Save Yourself'. If I would shot a cool biker movie, this is the music which would fit perfectly to it. You can feel while listening to songs like 'Rancid Dancer' for example, that this was an authentic band which had nothing in common with boring mainstream Hardrock. Here it's the dirt and filth of the roads and backyard alleys which did inspire and form their music, and it's a shame that VENGEANCE BROTHERS split-up in the summer of 2003. Thanks to Helltown Records for this damn fine release, although a title like 'Wino Daze' can be very confusing, because only five of seventeen cuts do feature him on vocals, but that is the only thing I criticize here.