LOS NATAS (Corsario Negro) LP/CD

I must admit, that I never liked NATAS that much. For me, their first recordings were a good example for a Kyuss-clone band. Ok, they've added more jam-parts into the songs but all in all, NATAS were far away from an own identity. The only bonus was, that they are coming from Argentina. A few years have past, NATAS are now LOS NATAS and this is their 2002 release on the Detroit-based label Small Stone Records. This time, they have worked together with producer Billy Anderson (Melvins, Bottom, and much more...), who has taken a flight down to Argentina to stay there for two weeks and to mastermind this project. The result is pretty amazing soundwise,when I compare this album with former releases of NATAS.Like the label info says, the high's are higher and the low's are lower . There's a bigger dynamic in the music and it sounds more forceful and energetic.

Nowadays, the band is far away from being a simple Kyuss-clone and NATAS embodies a modern version of the old progressive 70's Heavy Psych rock mixed up with a latin vibe not only because of the native language they are using, although most of the songs are instrumentals.There are a lot of breaks and mood changes in all of the songs and you can discover a lot of sonic details after every listening. If you're only looking for a straight forward rock 'n' roll album, than leave this out. But if you're like to listen to a tasteful and passionate 70's sounding album, without being just a boring soulless retro album than check out "Corsario Negro". I think, that these three guys are one the right way and I like this one MUCH more the all the other releases, due to the above mentioned reasons.Thumbs up for LOS NATAS! Also highly recommandable for every fan or collector of obscure 70's Heavy Prog Psych. Order "Corsario Negro" directly from Small Stone Records and go to the LOS NATAS website for their latest activities. The vinyl edition will be available through Beard Of Stars Records.