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LOS NATAS / CABRON (s/t) Split-10"

Once again Rock 'n' Roll Radio presents two bands on a nice 10", and  
the first side kicks off with Argentine's heavy psych kings LOS NATAS. Every recording of this band is a surprise, because you can never be sure if they come up with straight heavy rock or obscure psychedelic sound experiments. This time LOS NATAS go back to their roots and deliver a cover version from a Kyuss song. They have chosen 'Allen's wrench' and it's played in a very unspectacular manner. I've heard better stuff from this guys, but I suppose that fans of both bands will love it. 'Highway sun' is the second cut, and it's a remix from their adventurous 'Toba Trance' album. In my opinion this is much better than the Kyuss cover, but again it doesn't blew me out of off my shoes. CABRON are a new Belgium band, and they recruited ex-members from Tryptich and Heibel.

Maybe some of you will remember Heibel, which have been part of the Belgium Hardcore Punk scene during the 80's. They were not so tremendous as Capital Scum, but I remember that they released one album in the second half of the 80's which I really liked. The past is done so it's time to focus my attention on CABRON, which are featured with three songs here. Their material is more interesting than the two songs from LOS NATAS and it's a pretty good start for a totally unknown band. If you like your rock hard and heavy, than you should keep an eye on this guys. CABRON write memorable songs with nice hooks, and I'm eager to see whether they can keep this level over a whole album.    If you're a LOS NATAS die-hard collector and/or someone who's interested in discovering a new promising band than this 10" is made for you.