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After the release of their debut 7", here we have their first full-length, that has been released in 2008 thru SL Records. At first, I wasn't very impressed by this album, apart of the fact that it's loud and heavy. But then I detected that it can be sometimes so unique like the name of the band. LORDS OF BASTARD is influenced by various styles, from 70's rock and punk to sludge and psychedelic, all channelled through their own heavy style, although LORDS OF BASTARD seems to have a big fondness for QotSA. For my taste, this is the weakest point in their sound along with the vocals, that mostly sound lifeless and faceless. But here's also the monstrously down-tuned tube driven guitar sound that is saturated in fuzz and almost all included songs are varied and rock in different ways, so that the entire album never becomes too repetitive. It's full of groove and dynamics. One of my favourite tracks is 'The Uayeb', a dark, groove-oriented jam of epic proportions with psychedelic undertones while 'Fucking Hell' is a powerful combination of 70's Heavy Rock and Punk. This album will really grow on you, and maybe it took a few more spins to realize how nice it is. Let's see, what comes next...