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This album is something to look out for. Surely it will not be everybodys cup of tea or bottle of beer or whatever beverage you like most. Lords Of Bastard are special. Whisky might be the perfect drink, now that I think of it. Not only cause the band is from bonnie Scotland, but also because this album is a blend of musical styles with a bit of humour. I can hardly make out what these guys sing about as the vocals are a bit back in the mix to let the mixture of Sludge, Noise and even a bit of Alternative Rock (from back in the days when that term really was fitting the band it described).

But song titles like 'Eggs Any Style', 'Squirrel Mirror' or 'Fsssshhewwww' should give you a clue. Not to mention that the band called their second album 'Cuddles'. And this full-length is quite far from music normal people would be tender to each other. If you find someone to make out with to this album, e-mail me. Seriously. Instead, I would suggest you put this CD into the player for a night time road-trip if you expect to be in some kind of Slasher-movie situation. It will keep you awake with its musical outbursts, but you better be not easy to scare.

Sometimes the sound of synths and piano get spooky ('Eggs Any Style' is a perfect example, if you need a listening suggestions) and riffs unexpectedly attack the more quiet and melodic moments of the album with a vengeance. This is seriously no easy listening. but if you give it a try then listen to songs like 'Harder Than Cars' or 'Lord Have Murphy' (this title made me laugh really hard the first time I read it) because there are lot of cool things going on.

(Thorsten Frahling)