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Hailing from Möchengladbach, Germany, LORD OF GIANT deliver bluesy, 1970s-tinged heavy rock on their self-titled debut album and I must say that this is a pretty promising start. This is mainly because these guys know that a good rock 'n' roll song needs some good hooks or it will sunk into oblivion. A further plus point of LORD OF GIANT is vocalist Ingo, whose gruff voice ensures that there's enough dirt between the tones. But also the three guitarists go about things the right way as well as the rhythm section.

The album consists of 8 songs which fortunately offer enough variety. The last track 'Part Of The Game' is a nice acoustic tune with additional string arrangements, whereas 'Traveller Of Light' and 'Mental Meltdown Lullaby' knows to surprise with female backing vocals. Otherwise, the songs are rich in grooves and slightly refined with a metallic roar. Of course there are tunes that I like more than others. 'Midnight Run', for instance, tries desperately to be something like an anthem and is eerily reminiscent of Motorjesus. Luckily the song starts to get better when it slows down and boasts some of the album's heaviest riffs.

One of my highlights is 'Mental Meltdown Lullaby' that sounds as if Sixty Watt Shaman and Soundgarden had conceived a sweet child. Overall, LORD OF GIANT is a band to be reckoned with. They have the right attitude and I can well imagine that they are a good live band, too. So, if you want to buy a copy of this debut then be quick because it's limited to only 100 copies (including a lyric sheet).