A few years ago I've noticed this Italian band, due to the reason that their '99 release "Regeneration", released on Beard Of Stars Records, has been recorded by Paul Chain in his own studio. Now we have 2003, and a few things have changed in the LOF camp. A new drummer, a new bass-player and a new singer joined the band and this promo three-tracker is a provisional premix, because this guys are searching for an interested label to release the now-recorded new album "Glorify the life that grows under the Sun". To be honest, I never had the chance to listen to their previous material, so I can't say how much things have changed here. LOF are mainly influenced by the 70's, NWOBHM bands and later-Trouble. In two of the songs, a syntheziser adds a space-rock vibe to the songs so I can mention Hawkwind, too. The opening track "The Sunshine Stealer" is a 70's heavy-psych doomer that clocks in eight minutes. Nice speed-changes and a mellow mid-tempo part for all the bongloaders among the listeners are making this song to a very solid track. "Lovergod" opens with typical early high-pitched 80's Metal screaming, mixed up with the imitation of a howling wolf.

Not really my cup of tea, but anyway the song is getting better with more spins. It's the shortest song here, and it's more in a classic Heavy Metal vein. The last one, titled "Masterdoom" is slower and closer to bands as later Trouble, Solitude Aeturnus and so on. As the funny title says, the song is slower and darker, except the spaced-out part, and the band is doing their job tight and pretty. I hope, that LOF will find the right label who gives them enough to support to release the full-length. In times, were so much bands got the chance to release their crap, why not LOF? What doesn't means, that this promo is crap for me. I like this unspectacular old-fashioned heavy-psych-doom-metal-rock and if LOF got more songs from the calibre as "The Sunshine Stealer", they will get the attention they deserve. For contact and further infos, take a look at the LOOSIN' O' FREQUENCIES homepage.