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LOINCLOTH (s/t) 7"

Another release on SOUTHERN LORD, that proves Mr. Anderson's "open-mindedness" and good taste in music (how sad, that this is gone - The Editor 12/07). American LOINCLOTH surely don't play Doom or anything related to that style. It's quite progressive instrumental music, yet deriving from the harder edge of Metal, which comes as no surprise, as the band features members of old technical Death/Thrash veterans CONFESSOR. Don't be intimidated by the "progressive" tag, as those guys know how to write real songs, without showing off how good they can play, or indulging in any senseless bullshit compositions. This is refreshingly different for sure! This 7" contains 2 songs, which are taken from their previously released Demo CD-R. Not very long when it comes to the playing-time, both tracks convince, because of good ideas and great arrangements. It's really like: the more often you listen to it, the more new things you discover. At last a band, that strives for originality, instead of rehashing what's been done a 1000 times!