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LIFE BEYOND (Ancient Worlds) MCD-R

Maryland was and is still one of the main sources for honest and original doom-laden Heavyrock. Some of the best and inspiring bands are coming from there like, for example, INTERNAL VOID, SPIRIT CARAVAN (THE OBSESSED) or UNORTHODOX (ASYLUM).They have paved the way in the 80's and 90`s for a lot of todays Doom-Heavyrock ("stoner"?) bands. Nowadays, new and powerful bands like BLACK MANTA, EARTHRIDE or LIFE BEYOND continue this tradition. LIFE BEYOND is a powertrio, but the musicians are absolutly no newcomers. Louis Strachan (b) played formerly in CREEPSHOW, Gus Basilika (dr) was in the early WRETCHED line-up and Danny Kenyon (g / v) played in VORTEX OF INSANITY in the mid-90's. These are only some of the bands. "Ancient Worlds" is their first self-financed EP and it contains four excellent tracks ("Never Dead" , "Black Rainbow" , "Sacred Life" , "Resistance" ).

LIFE BEYOND are writing honest songs with interesting breaks, some real heavy grooves and an own identity. Danny Kenyon is a very good guitar -player. His playing is very emotional and he plays in the same vein like Wino, Dale Flood or Kelly Carmichael.And beside of that, he's a good singer with his clear and powerful vocal-style. Together with the effective bass-play from Louis and the precise drumming from Gus LIFE BEYOND will soonly become one of the bands you can count on. The lyrics are also very good and with the strong production from the band and Frank Marchand, "Ancient Worlds" is a must have for all fans from the bands, I've mentioned in this review.The EP comes in a brilliant cover and in the booklet, you find beside the lyrics nice live-pics.Get something that enriches your heart and soul ! I hope, that LIFE BEYOND are getting soonly the chance to release their first full-length album. Record label like Brainticket, Southern Lord or Game Two are the right ones, to take care about this band. Visit the website of LIFE BEYOND, where you can order "Ancient Worlds" and get more informations.