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From the remains of hardcore punk band Annihilation Time, Oakland's LECHEROUS GAZE came into being in 2009 and released two years later a self-titled 4 song EP via Tee Pee Records. Regrettably, I missed that EP as well as their first European tour, what annoys me even more after listening to this red-hot debut record. LECHEROUS GAZE whips up a sonic maelstrom which consists of good old Detroit-style rock 'n' roll, blues, 1970's hard rock and punk. There is nothing new about this blend, but currently there are not much bands around who play that kind of stuff with such passion and devotion. Singer Zaryan Zaidi (ex Char-Man) is right in the center of the action with his raw 'n' snotty Beefheart-esque vocal style, backed up by an extremely tight band all down the line.

LECHEROUS GAZE really knew how to find a riff and play it with every bit of energy they could muster. The well-placed guitar solos are tasteful and free of any wankery, while the forceful rhythm section holds it together like cyanoacrylate glue. And despite all the musical influences from the 1970's, 'On The Skids' radiates a timeless feeling and pristine purity, due to the talents that have met here. But what is the situation with the songs? I think it is the most important aspect of rock 'n' roll, and here too LECHEROUS GAZE impress me. Well, not all of the included 11 tracks are on the same level, but the good one are REALLY good.

'Bagagazo' is one of my favorites and it is not surprising at all that it has been released as a 7" a few weeks ago. 'Frustrated' is a boogie-driven rocker where the punk roots have been mixed with a bit of later Thin Lizzy. I also think it's refreshing that all songs are distinctly different, with the effect that 'On The Skids' passes by more quickly than you might think. So, if you're looking for rowdy rock to blast you out of your chair, LECHEROUS GAZE is for you. I can't wait to see what the future holds! Hopefully, some gigs here in Germany.