LEADFOOT (We Drink For Free) CD

The third album from the band around ex-COC members Karl Agell (voc.) and Phil Swisher (b.) presents us thirteen R'n'R songs, somewhere between later-Thin Lizzy, Blackfoot and early Aerosmith. And Roadrunner and TMC, the band has now signed up with swedish Lunasound Recording. Some of the songs could have been from the two last Hellacopters records, as the melancholic "Long Time". The band performs tight and the earthy and the dry production supports the authentic vibe of "We Drink For Free". With tracks as "Valley of the Dolls" or "Someone Else Will", everything become a bit heavier and with aformentioned "Long Time", those songs are my personal faves. All in all, it's a nice but average album for the summer, while sitting outside with friends and having some cold beers. But I miss the heaviness of the debut "Bring It On". Visit the homepage of LEADFOOT for the latest informations and decide for yourself if you like to order the album directely from Lunasound Recording.