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This US trio play classic Hardrock, mainly influenced through the 70's and 80's. No downtuned guitars and no real use for a fuzz-bender! The album kicks off, with the hard driven "Bonfire", with its hymn-like refrain and so it's time for me to open my first beer. Next is "FOTC", which reminds me a bit to the Beastie Boy, vocalwise. May you know what I mean, If you got the chance to listen to it. But LAZERWOLFS got nothing in common with Rap, of course, and "FOTC" is close to Unorthodox or Life Beyond, soundwise. This song offers an unusual, but interesting crossover. "Big Rig" keeps the quality of the previous track and with the following "Dissent", this guys are proving once again their good taste for nice hooks. The next good song is the Hendrix-like "Elemental", which impresses me with its groove and the well-temperatured guitar-work. "Ride" is a energetic up-tempo rocker, recommandable for every biker party.

The album closes with the eleven minutes long "Ort". It starts funky, and again Hendrix comes to my mind and diverse early-70's heavy underground bands, but right now, I can't remember the names. Anyway, the guitar-work is excellent, full of feedback with nice effects like a cry baby, and the rhythm section is well-oiled and builds a solid backbone. Although the name LAZERWOLFS is still very unknown, one can hear that the musicians are well-trained and I wonder, that "Get Mad" hasn't been released on a label, what means that this is a self-release. This tasteful musical package was wrapped up in a dry and clear-sounding production, where everyone of the band has enough room for his playing. I like the unspectacular honest Hardrock of the LAZERWOLFS and it's far away from any underground trends. Check out the album and actual news at the LAZERWOLFS homepage.