LAZARUS BLACKSTAR (Tomb Of Internal Winter) MCD

It's no secret that the entire sound of a band depends on the vocalist. If there's a miserable or average singer, than the band is damned to fail. For my taste Paul Catten, former vocalist of LAZARUS BLACKSTAR was the reason why my interest in this UK-based sludge band was always very less. No matter how much I like their monstrous heavy downtuned sound, but I can't stand his strange style of singing. Now with new vocalist Mik Hell I will stop complaining, because his vocals are absolutely throat shredding and fit perfectly into the black crushing wall of sound. 'Tomb of Internal Winter' is the first recording of the new line-up in 2008 and has been released through Future Noise Recordings. Sadly this disc contains only three new songs, but three very good ones! Crusty sludge devastation is the name of the game, and I appreciate the fact that LAZARUS BLACKSTAR never belonged to those groups who try to imitate Grief or EyeHateGod. The first two songs are packed with energy, desperation and passion, while the last one 'Victim of the Clergy' is a nice experimental cut with different layers that showcases the unique collective mind that is this band. So this three-tracker is definitely worth picking up!