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LAS CRUCES (Ringmaster) CD

This masterpiece was released in 1999 by BRAINTICKET Rec and is finally available in April 2000 in Europe. The german label GUTTER Rec. licensed "Ringmaster" from BRAINTICKET. LAS CRUCES are one of todays best bands,no doubt about it. On "Ringmaster" they burn down ten tracks that are filled with awesome heavy riffs, a solid, hard-grooving rythm section and the powerful voice of Mark Zammeron. "Ringmaster" is the second album after the "S.O.L." album and it´s produced by John Perez and Mike Trujillo. LAS CRUCES offers a lot on this album,from slow tracks like "Black Waters" that is more in the vein of SOLITUDE AETURNUS or the title track that ROCKS like hell. At the end you find "Lazy Drag", a melancholic blues song, which is a fine ending to this record. This record shows, together with the last PENANCE album ("Proving Ground") or SPIRIT CARAVAN, how alive Doom Metal is today and successors like LAS CRUCES will bring new influences to this kind of HeavyRock, although strongly influenced from mid-period TROUBLE. So,check out this high recommandable full length record...it´s not one of those weak uninspired albums. I hope someday LAS CRUCES will come over to Europe,maybe with PENANCE or / and SPIRIT CARAVAN and spread their vibe!!!