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Here, we have the vinyl-only reissue of the first LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE album, that has been originally released in 2001 on Cranium Records. You are perhaps aware that LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE is the solo project of multi-instrumentalist Craig Williamson (Datura, Arc Of Ascent). He's been active in New Zealand for almost twenty years and is a guarantor for excellent psychedelic music, no matter whether if it is loud and heavy or mellow and introspective. LAMP OF THE UNIVERSE represents the second side of his musical work and I must say that 'The Cosmic Union' lost none of its mystical, trippy intensity. The music is strongly influenced from eastern sounds including sitar and tablas.

There are also some electric and acoustic guitars, which enrich the variety of the music. Of course, it does not cause any harm if you have a great liking for the flower power stuff of the late 1960's/early 1970's, because otherwise it can be difficult to listen through the entire album. Personally, I never was a big fan of the hippie culture and yet I feel deeply moved by this music because Craig Williamson is very good in what he's doing. He keeps the music flowing constantly and constructs natural tensions. The playing is laid back, beautiful, spiritual - all at once. Despite all comparisons to the late 1960's, I would never call 'The Cosmic Union' a retro album. To me, it's a timeless and lysergic trip that fits into each century.

In addition, there is never a dull moment. The music transforms into translucent, statically hovering timbres that exude a slightly meditative atmosphere. It ensures that each of the included nine songs differs from the next one, and so you never have the feel of listening only to one endless track. Overall, this is a very good psychedelic album which should appeal to every fan of this genre. Thanks to the small German record label Clostridium Records for providing all psych heads with the vinyl version of 'The Cosmic Union'. By the way, if you want to find out more about Craig Williamson, then read the interview  I did with him in August 2010.