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"Carnage", released by Southern Lord, is one of those albums, that won't leave any trace in my musical files, but that doesn't mean that it's a bad record and it will surely appeal to a lot of metalheads. Formed by 7000 Dying Rats member Steve Rathbone he enlisted bassist Donald James Barraca (also from 7000 Dying Rats) and Pelican drummer Larry Herweg to create his merciless conservative vision of heaviest metal, played in the vein of Venom, Celtic Frost and Slayer. This is mean, nasty and poisonous, but not for me, so let's start to analyze the included material. While listening to the opener "Carnage Fucking Carnage" I had the urge to add Brutal Truth to the band's influences, due to the incorporated blast-beats, but LOTM are switching back to crusty up-tempo riffs.

What I really like about this group are the moments when they are on a slow or mid-tempo pace, because then Steve Rathbone comes up with his best riffs - crunchy, massive and heavy. That's why songs like "The Wolf", "Enemy of Gods" and the nightmarish doom-laden "Burning Temple" are my personal faves here. But I really miss something while listening to the other songs, but I can't exactly describe with words what it is. "Carnage" sounds too soulless at my humble opinion, and that they are writing songs about the Greek mythology doesn't make it better. Maybe I would like this album more after a case of beer, but I was always sober when listening to it. At least, I can't take the band's concept real serious, and so I will stop here. But I give all you die-hard metal fans out there the advice to check out LOTM - I guess you will like it much more than I do!