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LAHAR (Demo Mmiu) MCD-R

Here we have one of the best doom underground demos I've heard since a long time. LAHAR unleash thunderous charges of brutal weighty riffing, focused on hypnotic heavy riff-building. The included lengthy three cuts are switching between slowpaced and midpaced with nail pounding rhythms and surprisingly melodies. Everything is well constructed and although it's not easy to create something unique in the doom genre, one can feel that LAHAR are trying to do their very own atmospheric sound. And they aren't only trying it - no, they make it! They have interwoven elements that are close to Saint Vitus and Warhorse, but their sludge-drenched vision is more aggressive and dirtier. And they have a damn fine vocalist! The dominating and tortured voice of singer Bert can only be described with words like suffocating and brutal. I can't pick out one of the gloom songs here, because every track has its impressive moments, and the powerful production makes the whole trip just more intense (or devastating!). LAHAR are a strong and massive unit and utterly convincing. The booklet contains all lyrics and I hope that we will hear more from this Dutch band in the future. Very promising!