LA IRA DE DIOS (Cosmos....Kaos..Destruccion) LP/CD

It's simply awe-inspiring, with which relentless power and energy the Peruvian band LA IRA DE DIOS march through the eight songs (plus one hidden bonus cut) of their new album. There's not much left from the psychedelic and space rock-driven calmness of the previous releases, even tough Xtian A. still produce a lot of trippy sounds and effects in the background. But the album is dominated by gruff and hard blues, mixed with much rock 'n' roll and the outcome is equally beautiful and destructive. There it really suits, that on the cover-artwork a bomb carpet is dropped over Peru and the striking album title sounds like the appropriate march order. It isn't a big surprise that the band recorded the album live in the studio and lowered the production to a minimum, because this is the only way to tame such a heavy, wild and rough sonic beast. Usually I thought that only Australian bands like Bored! and early Powder Monkeys manage to record something filthy like this, but LA IRA DE DIOS play with the same feedback-drenched passion as if it's a matter of life and death.

'Pobre Diablo' is undiluted metallic powerblues and sounds like an unreleased song by the MC5 while 'Jamas Morire' is a raving merciless combination of Motörhead's 'Overkill', and 60's garage rock. Of course, here's much more to discover on this album, because LA IRA DE DIOS are also good songwriters, and although their influences are always present (The Stooges, Discharge, early Hawkwind, early Motörhead, MC5), this album owns their signature especially because of the Spanish singing from guitarist Chino IrA. It has been released through the US-label World In Sound in 2008,and for me it's one of the highlights of this year. Here's no room for compromises, and everyone who's into trendy, commercial bluesy rock 'n' roll should forgone the hard, riff-oriented guitar monster. This isn't for you, and I'm really glad about it!