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KUNG PAO (Sheboygan) CD

The cover reminds me to the inner sleeve of the "Tres Hombres" album of ZZ Top, but this isn't boogie-driven 70's Bluesrock. Ok, here's a bit of blues to find, but KUNG PAO are more interested in deconstruction, than in performing it the old way. The second full-length from NY's brutal powertrio KUNG PAO, again on Maduro Records, isn't made for any well-temperatured bluesy listening sessions. In comparison with the previous album "Bogota", the band has worked out their uncompromising heavy style and formed it to a better own shape. Only the mighty and dirty vocals of Chovie D are still as impressing as on the first album. "Sheboygan" includes some outstanding tracks like the slow and destructive "Truckstop", that should be featured in the next Psycho/Slasher/Rape flick with its ultra-heavy riffs.

The bass is like the white shark...he is always under the surface, but you feel its presence, and especially in "Like Leprechaun" its dominating low tone brings the right drive into this psycho track. Like on the forerunner album, you shouldn't expect from KUNG PAO any virtous and shining guitarwork. Here dominates the huge and brutal riff, and the grooves are more something like a stampede. Another outstanding track is "Miss Ice Cream Cool", a number which could have been on a Sons Of Otis album, but the angry grizzly-bear vocals of Chovie D got nothing in common with the Ken Balukes Wyndorf-style. Once again, KUNG PAO are proving, that they aren't easy to pigeonhole. Listening to KUNG PAO is like fighting against Mike Tyson...one hit, and you're knocked out.