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KUBE (Stockholm Syndrom) CD

It's always good to hear, when a band leaves the typical "stonerrock" blueprint behind. If not for you, than it's always good for me, because it's no fun to listen to ten bands, who are all sounding the same. Ok, this is not only a negative "stonerrock" phenomenon, and here's not enough space for discussions or musical philosophies. KUBE from Belgium belong to ones, who have opened their Kyuss-styled rock to other  influences. This time it's punk rock, post rock, and they give their songs a slight 80's treatment, what some would maybe call new wave.

The whole outcome is somehow unconventional, but KUBE never lose the trail and groove. These three guys build a strong unit, and you can hear that they are playing together for already ten years. My impression is, that the album starts on a strong level, but loses ist power from song to song. Maybe this depends on the songwriting qualities or my mood. But I tried for several times! I'm sure, that KUBE will develop their own style with the next releases, and apart of my criticism, I must say thsi this is a promising debut. 'Stockholm Syndrom' is the first release on the Buzzville Records imprint BuzzTown Records, focusing on new and promising rock/metal acts from the Benelux area.