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KING REMEDY (Self Destruction) CD-R

Two Finnish guys have discovered their penchant for delta blues, vintage rock 'n' roll and heavy rock and decided to form a band in 2008. Of course, this is the story of KING REMEDY, a two-man band from Pohja, comprising of Antti Huttunen (vocals, bass) and Jussi Konttinen (guitar). Additionally, they have incorporated a single kick drum as well as a self-built snare-hi-hat-pedal-system. Perhaps one knows this kind of instruments from such one-man bands whose origins date back to 1920's as, for example, the legendary Daddy Stovepipe, but that is another story. Therefore, it is obvious that KING REMEDY does not sound like a full band and I suppose that this is not their intention.

'Self Destruction' is their self-financed debut and despite the murky album title, this album is not as depressive as expected. I think both guys had a lot of fun during the recording of the ten tracks, and I can almost smell the odor of Finnish vodka and beer while listening to the tunes. Well, I am not convinced by the whole album, because some of the songs appear to be relatively undeveloped and still lack the necessary punch. But there are also good things to report. 'I'm Gonna Get You' is one of the better songs, but I also like 'For I'm Alive' that sounds as if early Black Sabbath have crashed into The Cult. Danzig had left his mark in a couple of songs as well and Antti Huttunen's mighty voice is virtually tailor-made for music like this. 'Self Destruction' is definitely not a masterpiece, but an individual piece of work. I can appreciate their efforts.