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KING KRONOS (Soundzilla) LP/CD

Sachsen-Anhalt's own King Kronos are one of the newer signings of Stefan Koglek's Elektrohasch Records. So it's no surprise, that King Kronos got some Psychedelic tunes in their music, but that's not a poignant term to describe them. The four guys, fronted by a female vocalist (their names aren't easy to find, intentionally?) are playing a very fuzzy kind of Stoner Rock in the vein of Fu Manchu, classic Kyuss, Truckfighters and Acid King, to mention some more recent influences. That's nothing new, but it works well with some of the added Psychedelic parts and the rare female vocals.

Songs like 'Ultima Thule' slow down the record with their drugged vibe as well as some spoken samples or harmonica sounds, but are a welcome interlude, because a lot of the other tracks start off with nice riffing, but get a bit exchangeable in the midst, when it's often a stomping mid-tempo part. These parts are also very dull, even compared to other fuzzy Stoner Rock, which sometimes leaves to a muddy sound, which is a bit sad. But that's not such a big deal, a lot of nice driving parts and unexpected additions like the above mentioned compensate that.

King Kronos offer some heavy fuzzy riffs which are complemented by nice female vocals, that might especially be interesting for fans of Acid King. For me, the sound is a weakness, but that is easily forgiven, when they will add a bit more variety in their mid-tempo parts and less dullness to their next releases. I'm hopeful and curious.

(Thomas Braun)