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With this debut KHANATE have released one of the most intensive pieces of music in 2001. This is not the kind of album, you can listen to while cleaning your kitchen. Just sit down and lose yourself in the bizarre low-end world of this album. Formed in autumn 2000 in New York, by four musicians who aren´t really unknown. On guitar you find Stephen O´Malley ( THORR´S HAMMER, BURNING WITCH, SUNN O))) ) , James Plotkin on bass who was member of the Avantgarde Thrash outfit OLD and he worked together with a lot of different musicians like John Zorn or Mick Harris in the past. In Alan Dubin (OLD), with whom Plotkin had been working together in the proto-dirge unit SHADOWCAST during 2000, they have found the perfect psychotic voice for some lyrical fragments in these musical landscapes.At least, Tim Wyskida (MANBYRD,current drummer of the instrumental band BLIND IDIOT GOD) is the right one for the percussive backbone of KHANATE.

The album contains five tracks with a total running time of 56:25 minutes and I think you know, that you can expect three really long tracks. And they carry the spirit of the departed BURNING WITCH into new emotional dark depths, like in the longest of the five songs "Under Rotting Sky". KHANATE are creating a very unique aura with the use of extreme dynamics. It´s not only one brutal heavy riff after the other, there´s enough place for quiet surreal moments in the songs. But I won´t describe this music, because that wouldn´t make no real sense. The few listeners, that are into these kind of music will know what I´m writing about and so they will love KHANATE. It´s a high recommandable album or I will say it with a statement from the label info: "Ultra gravitational hellish brooding black doom metal with inhuman vocal constructs." The released date will be early October for Europe and late October worldwide on SOUTHERN LORD . For more informations about the band visit the SL homepage or Stephen O'Malley's site.